Migrant crisis: ‘Hipster right’ group trying to stop rescue ships

Migrant crisis: 'Hipster right’ group trying to stop rescue ships

They are called Identity Generation. Composed of more than 20 members with expertise in technology, the movement of identity has been described as the latest fashion.

Fiercement anti-immigration and anti-Muslim, its goal is to stop the massive migration to Europe. Based in Austria and France, the group may be small, but its message begins to resonate in Italy – a country where the sympathy of migrants is thin.

While the number of people seeking to reach Europe again, Italy remains the main entry point for those arriving illegally on ships, especially in the south.

However, attitudes are hardening and now this new “alt-right” movement will do everything possible to protect Italian identity and foreign culture.
“Economic refugees”

Since the beginning of 2017, more than 80 000 people have traveled from Libya, the Mediterranean to the Italian coast, the vast majority of landings in Sicily.

Approximately 2,000 people died in the attempt, but almost all other European countries close their borders, most of the survivors end up staying in Italy.

The vast majority are refugees fleeing war, but are considered economic immigrants come mainly from sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian subcontinent.

Alarmingly, there has been an increase in the number of girls in Nigeria who are forced to engage in prostitution, while children as young as 16 years of Bangladesh arrive through Dubai and Libya in search of employment.

“More than 90% of immigrants coming here by boat are economic refugees,” said Viviana Randazzo, 20, a newly recruited member of Identitaires, although official Italian statistics have reached 85%.

“We Italians also suffer from poverty. However, we do not have the same treatment, our needs can count less than theirs.”

Italy finds the full burden of newcomers and is now concerned that anti-immigration activists exploit the crisis for their own purposes, calling for “emigration” of second- and third-generation immigrants and close mosques.

Nationalists draw attention to aid agencies and non-governmental organizations operating near the coast of Libya, essentially claiming to be a taxi service in Europe.

“I think these [migrants] come to Europe because they know someone is going to save,” said Italian movement coordinator Lorenzo Fiato in Catania on the east coast of Sicily.

“You can not solve this problem by helping people smugglers do their job because they want to transport illegal migrants.”

NGOs say they are working in coordination with the Italian coastguard and say they are there to save lives.

“[Smugglers] do not need an” attraction “factor. They push these people in, and if we’re not there, they drown.

We are not willing to let that happen, “said David Alexander, defiant and frustrated, the Save the Children charity, speaking to me in the western port of Trapani.

This summer, the Identity movement tried to prevent a rescue boat from Doctors Without Borders from leaving port.

The waterfall failed, but the group was able to increase by more than € 70,000 (£ 62,000) in less than three weeks, indicating that it will invest in its “The Defense of Europe” campaign.

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