Microsoft releases new Windows 10 preview with Edge, shell, notification, input, and Task Manager improvements

Microsoft releases new Windows 10 preview with Edge, shell, notification, input, and Task Manager improvements

Microsoft today released a new preview for Windows 10 PC with Edge, Shell, Notification, Input, Game, Task Manager and Hyper-V enhancements. This is the sixth version of the next update of Windows 10 Fall Creators, which will be released later this year (probably in September).

Windows 10 is a service, meaning it was built in a very different way from its predecessors so that it can be updated regularly with not only patches, but also new features. Microsoft has released several of these updates, including three major: November update birthday update and update creators.

First, Edge can now read aloud any Web page and PDF with highlighted words and lines. The user interface now matches the shared border theme if it is different from the rest of the system and launches under the Share button (rather than the browser’s center). There is also a new animation when you add a favorite and lots of minor bug fixes.

Then Windows Shell has been updated to calm a very annoying bug for those who have a high DPI screen and change the value of the screen scale. You do not have to go out and reintroduce to correct fuzzy desktop applications after coupling, clutching and remote interaction.

Windows now provides information related to the DPI to these applications, so whenever one of them as the holder, you will get the updated operating system data. Simple enough reboot to do properly if they are blurry.

Notification buttons now cover the bottom of the notification instead of being right justified. Now it is easier to act on your notifications, by first growing automatically in each group of reports of the Action Center.

X for the return of notifications has changed drastically – Microsoft hopes this makes it clear that the notification is sent to the Action Center for further review. People notification badges on the taskbar will now support the color of your theme and receive an emoji by people on the taskbar which is now called “pop.”

The Emoji panel now supports the emoji lookup type 5.0, plus a great keyword. Also, if the cursor over any emoji emoji in the panel you will now see the exact name of the Unicode character.

The touchpad is now more accurate (especially for use with one hand), makes a sound with each keystroke (like the previous one), and it is better to learn the writing style (ie better predictions text, how much More is written and correct).

Performance monitoring of the GPU in Task Manager has received a user interface design update and details such as DirectX and physical location of its GPU. Only GPU hardware is listed and the basic screen adapter is only for software that is hidden.

Finally, Hyper-V users will see a new “virtual machine gallery” with quick creation, but this is just a placeholder. Choosing “local installation source” allows you to choose an image from your computer and network options and the virtual machine name is now in the “More options”. Especially, Hyper-V in Windows 10 now offers a default network so that your virtual machines share the network with the computer, using NAT.

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