Massive iPhone Leaks Confirm 25 New Features

This is quite remarkable. Apple AAPL -0.36% 8 iPhone iPhone may already be the coldest in history and we have learned a lot about what this game potentially changing phone provide. But now two of the most famous actors in the world have delivered the mother vein …

In the new reports, KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo Securities (double-famous “Apple the best analyst on the planet”) and instigator Mark Martin Gurman Bloomberg has detailed a total of 25 new features. It is interesting to note that this is not only for the iPhone 8 but also for the iPhone and the iPhone 7S 7S Plus – incremental level upgrades for the iPhone and the iPhone 7 7 Plus, should be released along with the more radical iPhone 8.

Gurman – Confirmed Fixed iPhone 8 Does Not Support Touch ID Fingerprint Recognition

Gurman – advanced facial recognition technology iPhone 8 “allows users to connect, authenticate payments and run secure applications by scanning their face”

Gurman – The iPhone 8 facial recognition is powered by a new 3D sensor and dedicated eye-testing tests to increase the system

Gurman – The iPhone 8 may have the promotional playback technology used in the new iPad Pro 10.5 inches and 12.9 inches. ProMotion offers variable frame rates to improve performance or save battery life required

Gurman – iPhone has an 8 “Neuronal Apple Engine” that manages the promotion and several “artificial intelligence tasks”

Kuo (on the bottom through a MacRumors update) – iPhone and iPhone 7S 7S More traveling towards a glass frame with metal frame to fit the load without QPC standard WPC wire

Kuo – wireless charging on all new iPhones requires an optional accessory and will not be available in the box.

Kuo – The USB-A lightning bolt is a standard accessory on all new iPhone and revokes last week Barclays report call Apple to bundle a 10W power adapter with USB-C connector

IPhone transfer speed Ku-DRAM 8, iPhone and iPhone 7S 7S More than 10-15% faster than the iPhone 7 AR improved performance.
Kuo – The three iPhones will be released simultaneously “For optimal promotion effect”

Kuo – But release dates have been extended with the August and September launch for iPhone and iPhone 7S 7S Plus, October and November 8. iPhone shipments should be 80 to 85 million units combined with 50/50 split LCD And OLED

With the iPhone 8 expected to break iPhone sales records, Kuo warns that the action of the iPhone 8 will remain very tight until mid-2018.

IPhone 8 front and back made by concept Creative Creator Concept
IPhone 8 front and back made by creative concept

Curiously, neither did Kuo Gurman not mention the expected increase in the resolution of the iPhone 8, the new IOS 11 feature area or the new price of teary eyes. The latter, in particular, can be a little difficult to swallow if Touch ID is completely destroyed.

That said, Apple clearly evolved to an iPhone version beyond the scale of everything we have seen to date. After three generations of almost identical models, for many fans, this can not happen very soon.

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