Galaxy Note 8 Leaks ‘Confirm’ A Nasty Surprise

Last week was a shock: undoubtedly, the biggest feature of the Galaxy Note 8 will not be the final design. Now, two new leaks have confirmed that …

Post to Twitter Jonathan Endicott, CEO of the popular puzzle Slickwraps revealed gross CAD Note 8 showing again that Samsung has failed to integrate its fingerprint reader into the screen. Instead, it will try to appease the users by addressing perhaps the most criticism of the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 Plus.

According to the CAO, Samsung increases the distance from the rear camera to the rear fingerprint reader.

This should mean that users do not mask their camera lens so often, something happens so frequently recognized Samsung with the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 plus inserted a regular warning that users to remember to clean their lens.

Yes, the reader) is on the screen avoid altogether or b) they sit both at the central and lower level, but it is something.

Galaxy Note 8 CAD displays the fingerprint sensor on the back, a little further from the camera than the Galaxy and Galaxy S8 S8 More Jonathan Endicott
Galaxy Note 8 CAD displays the fingerprint sensor on the back, slightly further away from the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 camera More

Then the ever-prolific Mobile Fun, I contacted to confirm that we received the official Samsung case for note 8.

The company does not share images at this stage, but talking Mobile Fun has confirmed that there are 21 cases in six different ranges, including the base case and leather, support cases in two parts and if they continue the view LED preview function ‘From Samsung.

From this, the site told me the following comments: “Pop Covers” hated Galaxy Note 8 colors are probably included gray orchid, deep blue, Black, Silver and Gold and the PVP box increased the unfortunate Galaxy Note 7 which indicates Galaxy Note 8 “is likely to be much more expensive than the S8 range of smartphones.”

And yes, the fingerprint sensor on the back, which is not integrated into the main screen.

Galaxy Note 8 Clear Tag products show the fingerprint sensor adjacent to the camera Sleek

The Galaxy Note 8 cases of Olixar, released last week, clearly show the fingerprint sensor next to the camera

The full range of official Samsung boxes and numbers can be seen below and you will now find them the list now for pre-order on the UK and United States Mobile Fun sites:

Samsung is enough to tempt users of the iPhone 8, which will be launched at the same time? The Infinity Samsung display model should be enough to tempt millions, as it is both the best and easiest (it shows most of the jaw in today’s smartphones).

But in the face of ever-greater changes from Apple’s iPhone and Google 8-pixel 2, I’m not so sure. I fear for note 8 and because of its lower price jaw …

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