Court staff told to put down phones, dress properly

Court staff told to put down phones, dress properlyCourt staff told to put down phones, dress properly

In two separate circulars issued by the district judge and the sessions were asked (seat) Talwant Singh, the staff of six Delhi district court who adhere to a dress code and use their mobile phones during school hours work only in emergency case.
Noting the investigations of the growing number of employees using the Internet on their mobile phones for navigation and social networks during working hours, the judge issued a circular asking the district court staff to abstain from this activity or to do In front of this action.
“Some staff members have used mobile phones to surf the Internet, updating WhatsApp / Facebook during working hours. Mobile phones should be used during working hours only in emergency situations to talk to family members and Not to check the status of WhatsApp / Facebook, “says the circular.
“If a staff member found himself surfing the Internet or using WhatsApp or Facebook in working hours, appropriate departmental action should be taken against him,” warned the circular.
In response to the circular, the court said: “These orders are just for us whip and demoralise more staff.”
In another circular, the senior judge ordered the staff to dress appropriately instead of becoming casual clothes. “He came to note that despite the specific instructions issued by the office, some staff members do not comply with the appropriate dress code,” says the circular.

The circular indicated that the appropriate dress for male staff is a “decent shirt (preferably unformatted), pants and shoes”, while for women, it is a “Sari suit or dupatta with.”

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