British Threat Level Raised Amid Fears Another Attack ‘May Be Imminent’

British Threat Level Raised Amid Fears Another Attack 'May Be Imminent'British Threat Level Raised Amid Fears Another Attack 'May Be Imminent'

British PM Theresa May on Tuesday night raises the alert level of the nation and the deployed army to guide concerts, sporting events and other public events, stating that another attack “could be imminent” after a bombing of the night. Monday that left 22 people dead.

The announcement, which carries the alert level in Britain from “grave” to the highest rating, “critical”, paving the way for thousands of British soldiers to take to the streets and replace police protecting key sites.

Mayo announced the move after presiding over an emergency meeting of his security cabinet and concluding that the attacker carrying out the bombing Monday may have been part of a larger network that is ready to strike again. The decision, he said, was “an adequate and sensible response to the threat our security experts make us discuss.”

The worst terrorist attack on British soil for more than a decade was carried out by a 22-year-old British citizen living a short distance from the concert hall, transformed a scene of young joy into the image of terror.

But if Salman Abedi acted alone or with accomplices, there remained a question that British investigators were urgently trying to meet on Tuesday night as they have a more sophisticated and disturbing attack that we have seen here for years.

The prospect of a major conspiracy, May said, was “a possibility that can not be ignored.”

The massacre of 22 people – many teenagers – after a concert in the city of North English by American star Ariana Grande was vindicated Tuesday by the Islamic State, who said that one of his “soldiers” was responsible.

While officials and experts have questioned the claim of the terrorist gang, then the authorities tried to carry out the investigation, to stop potential accomplices and strengthen security systems in a series of public events that appear More vulnerable to attacks like Monday.

After years of fighting the most sophisticated attacks, although continental European countries were victims of shelling, Monday night’s butchery stressed that Britain is not immune amid an upsurge of extremist violence.

The highest priority for the police, said the Greater Manchester administration chief, Ian Hopkins, was “to determine if [Abedi] acting alone or as part of a network.”

Earlier he had said that Abedi made the only bombing and that “it was an improvised explosive device that detonated, causing this atrocity.”

But unlike major previous attacks – including one in March, when an assailant driving a fast car ran pedestrians on a bridge in London, he was stabbed to death by a British police officer – experts said that it was unlikely that the attack Of Monday was carried out without help.

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