Best Cheap Wireless Router buying Simple – Even Kids can do it

Best Cheap Wireless Router buying Simple

There are many people who are nowadays using lots of the Wireless Router of the Branded Companies such as Asus, Netgear, TP-Link, Linksys etc. It is very essential for many people to get the proper kind of Router for many purposes like Gaming, Files Transfer, Downloading Files etc.

There are many Routers which are available at the Cheap Cost and provide you lots of Features. So we will try to focus on that Router which provides you every kind of facility to ensure you quick as well as easy access to the Net and there are some of the Best Wireless Routers which people can afford to buy it which are as follows:-

1) RAVPower Wireless Router AC750 Wireless Router

It is the Dual Band Wireless Router which has many of the Features making it one of the many feature Routers that comes into $50 List. It is Best Known Router that is quite affordable for any Charging Devices.

It has much more features at the Low Price Range. It has the facility of the 802.11ac Wi-Fi that can provide you upto 300 Mbps Speed at 2.4GHz Band and at 5Gz Band it offers 433 Mbps Speed. It has a Quick Set-up that takes only One Minute.

It has the facility of the built-in USB Port which can be able to share Music, Movies, Photos as well as other Files with the Network. It also has the facility of the Blacklist or Whitelist websites which allows the people to deny or allow the access of websites.

2) Linksys E1200 Wireless Router

It is another better Router which has much better Network. It has the facility of the 802.11n Specifications as well as it has the 300 Mbps Transfer Rate.

It is more refined as compared to the Netgear RangeMax, but it comes within $50 Price Range. It has the facility of the MIMO Internal Antenna Technology that helps to boost the Wi-Fi Signal Strength over an extended coverage area.

It has the facility of the Guest Network, 4 Ethernet Ports for the Wired Connections and also compatibility with the Cisco Connect. Linksys E1200 Wireless Router does not have the facility of the USB Port, Traffic Prioritization and Gigabit Ethernet Ports.

3) TP-Link’s AC1200 Wireless Router

It is dual Band Router which comes under $50. Due to the 802.11ac support, it has the facility of the much more expensive options and its backward device is compatible with 802.11n.

It has the facility of the 5GHz which provides you with 867 Mbps Speed and 2.4GHz that offers you 300 Mbps. So people can be able to use the Netflix in HD and also the Kids can play games Online.

It provides you 2 High quality Dual Band Antennas by which you get a Strong connection in your House. It has the facility of the 4 Ethernet Ports with the USB Ports.

4) Asus RT-N12 Wireless Router

It is specially designed for the Home Office Network as well as the Small type of Business. It has speed issue when coming to the Advertised Speed, but better for in coverage area.

It has the facility of the MIMO Technology that uses many Receive and Transmit Antennas for optimizing data transfers. It has the facility of the 2 Detachable High gain Antennas for extending the Wi-Fi Area and has 4 services Sets (SSID) with Dynamic management Bandwidth which is suitable for Commercial environments as well as Office where the guests are quite common.

It has the facility of the 300 Mbps throughput which is not comparable with the other type of Wireless Routers at the similar Price Range like TP-Link. It has a better speed than the other Router with the help of 5dBi Antennas.

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