A Hyperloop pod to zip between cities

A Hyperloop pod to zip between citiesA Hyperloop pod to zip between cities

Over the next two months, 25 students from leading schools are launching here to build their pod idea, a vehicle that meets Hyperloop’s high-speed futuristic transport system standards.
The pod design contest to be held in August in Hawthorne, California, the company SpaceX, is the second part of the year. The idea is to have a prototype scale capsule that can cross a vacuum tube a long empty mile and assist a single passenger.
The team’s central committee, especially in engineering and management students, has launched its work on Monday, organized by the Bangalore-based manufacturing facility, Bank Work Projects.
Hyperloop India, the only team in the country to reach the final design phase will build a prototype OrcaPod at speeds up to 460 km per hour. The Hyperloop system is offered by businessman-inventor Elon Musk of SpaceX Man. The concept provides for a type of sheath propeller which is driven by a vacuum tube under reduced pressure under vacuum conditions.
“They are adapted to the hard deadline of two months to build the killer whale pod. It should be ready before August 1,” said Anupama Gowda, co-founder, Projects Workbench. Over the next week, team members must find a place to stay and convince potential sponsors. Also in the letters are meetings with authorities and associations, “said Kar Sibesh, team leader and founder of Hyperloop India. She is enrolled in BITS Pilani for a physical examination and a Masters in Engineering BE the mechanics.
The budget needs of ₹ 75 lakh is high. “We have raised about 25 lakh so far, and we are looking for sponsors and partners,” said Kar. The Orcapod to be built from the base, near the Ulsoor metro station, will specialize in engineering design and software. “We are going to build the substructure, also with regard to levitating. The plan is to build a sheath on the scale and then be awarded for competition,” said Dhruv Mahajan, program director, and BE IT student at BITS Goa.

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